Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Experience Great Pleasures at Ananda Wellness Resort Centre

Are you looking forward to having Thailand retreat? The place that you have desired all your life is now here, Ananda wellness resorts is a retreat centre with all the facilities that you wish to be at your disposal. This resort is located in an exquisite place, which is quiet surrounded with all the facilities that Mother Nature could offer. The resort is located at the seaside in Koh Phangan Island south of Thailand, when you happen to tour the place all you here is the soothing sounds from ocean waves and wind breezes. Ananda wellness resort has been engineered for those who are looking forward to relax and have a chance for mind re-collection. The place offers great peace of mind with tranquility where you get a chance to achieve peace of mind during your stay in this centre.

This center has many things to offer such as detox Thailand natural programs which are common in Thailand. An example is steam sauna, where you get a chance to put your body in warm waters which will gives you great pleasures. This will serve as an investment towards good health, where your mind will experience great sensational feelings. The resort doors are always open for you, where the employees are always ready to serve you the potential visitor. This is the place that values money by offering programs and experiences that are said to be cheap detox in Thailand region.

The things that will make your stay in Ananda wellness resort to be memorable experience are the great mouth watering, delicious, healthy foods that are offered here at the food restaurant. These foods are not only delicious, but they are also cooked to make sure that your body is healthy and has the supply of all the body minerals that are required. When you come to body treatment this place is home to Thai massage, the massage will make you feel complete and forget all your yearnings in life as you will get all you have ever desired in this location. If you are suffering from stresses this is the place to be, where the process of healing and transformation will be complete within a short stay in this centre.

This is the only place in detox Thailand that you will get a chance to find, the rare chlorine free salt water swimming pool. This are some of the facilities that you expect to find here at Ananda wellness resort centre, there exist others which will make your stay here to be a rememberable experience in your life.

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Ananda Wellness Resort

16/3 moo 6, Koh Pha-ngan, Surat Thani, 84280, Thailand.

+66 8 1397 6280 ‎

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