Monday, 5 September 2016

Yoga Retreat, Teacher Training & Detox Thailand

Benefits of Yoga in Thailand
Located in Koh Phangan, we are the oldest and most established detox and Yoga Center available in Thailand. There are a variety of Yoga Retreat Packages available with us when you are in Thailand.
Programs for Detox
There are multiple detox programs available with us so that you can flush out the harmful toxins from your body and prevent the building up of mucus, colon etc. so that all your tracts are clean and circulation happens at a better level. Due to this, there will be a significant and desirable impact on the emotional, mental and spiritual states of an individual.
Yoga Retreats
There are several advantages when you join Yoga at Koh Phangan. You can achieve Yama and Niyaam through Asana, meditation and Pranayama, which are all a part of the packages available with us.
Organic Restaurant
We also have an Ananda’s Love kitchen that has a wide range of vegan and vegetarian food prepared with utmost love, to cater to the needs of all types of participants.
There are several facilities in Ananda, such as a Thai Massage center, Herbal Sauna, a salt water swimming pool and a herbal sauna center among many others, where you can stay free from chemicals and unwind yourself while your body detoxifies itself as well. All the facilities we provide are maintained well and we make use of 100% organic and natural products.
When you enter this wellness resort, you will be delighted with the mystical beauty of Thailand and you will be able to experience a wonderful and one of a kind experience when you participate in the programs we offer.
When you stay with us and participate in the programs, it is an investment you will be making towards your health.
There are different types of Yoga holiday packages available to help your body, mind and soul improve.
You can also visit the Wellness Center to take part in the following activities without having to be a part of any program:
·         Yoga Hall
·         Massage Hut
·         Herbal Steam Sauna
·         Chlorine free salt water pool.

·         Accommodation for Detoxification
When you participate here, it will help you to detoxify your body, and is a fast selling program.
·         Yoga Retreats
We will also be starting Yoga retreat programs soon.

Visit our website for more info: Yoga Teacher training & Detox retreat Thailand 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Why is a purification program like Ananda’s Detox® is compulsory for me?

For the past 7 years we have helped several persons to clean the insides of their physical bodies. We engage the best detoxifying techniques in assisting our client in flushing out harmful toxins and acids, getting rid of surplus buildups of mucus, take out obstructions in the colon and improved circulation generally. This procedure affect every part of our being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
What we offer at Ananda’s Detox helps our client to clean their emotions and also relieves the tension in their mind. This procedure works by removing negative thoughts and fears. You need to understand that a person thought process are strongly influenced by his emotional state, so if your emotions is perfect is affect the way you think and generally affects your life. Cleansing of the emotional nature can produce also a purification of the mind. What we do at Ananda’s Transformation Programs was inspired by a proverb from ancient Greek, ‘A healthy body can only come from a healthy mind,’ also possible reversely. 

At Ananda transformation center we have two kind of lodging. Our Guests are free to make their choice to either use our standard fan rooms or bungalows. Our lodging facility provide our guest access to use free wifi, herbal steam bath and swimming pool with chlorine-free salt water. All lodge are furnished with facility for hot water and a private bathroom, terrace with hammock.
In the Standard rooms you have only fans while in the bungalows there is refrigerator and air conditioning facility. The bungalows are design with an elevation which give guest access to views the National Marine Park and Gulf of Thailand.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ananda Resort Center – The Perfect Detox Center in Thailand

Ananda Wellness Resort is sited in a serene environment in the quiet bay of Thailand in front of one of the best sunsets in Koh Phangan. Our environment is calm, relaxing and healing. Come have an awesome Experience with us at seaside holistic spa resort perfectly located in a quiet part of Koh-Phangan Island in the southern part of Thailand.

We provide a wide range of rejuvenating and life-enhancement programs to improve the Mind, Body and Spirit.
Our center provide the following program
Fasting Programs and Detox
Transformations and Healing
Health Yoga
General Well-Being and Beauty
Herbal Steam bath
Perfect Thai Massage
Swimming pool with Chlorine-Free Salt Water
Delicious Health Food Restaurant and Juice Bar.
Coming to Ananda resort is more like an investment in your health. This will improves your overall well- being. We are expecting to have you with us soon for the best value for money and exceptional detox service in city of Thailand.

Why is a purification program like Ananda’s Detox®  is compulsory for me?
As human it is natural for you to clean your physical environment, living homes, your wears and body, has it ever cross your mind how the inward part of your physical body look like? Purifying and cleaning the inside of our physical body should be naturally too, it is essential for anyone for an improved mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.
Ananda’s fasting and detoxifying program have shown and proved that cleaning the internal part of the body help to reduce depression, reduces states of distress and physical weakness, and also relieve the signs of several health issues. It eradicates the feelings of being unclean and weighty. It help to reduce the aging process and strengthens the immune systems.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Keep your Colon Healthy

Cleansing your colon will help avoid cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and more.

Consider the following tips if you want to have and maintain a healthy colon. By using these detox suggestions, you will be prolonging your life and reducing the chances of becoming a victim of preventable illnesses, such as colon cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and diverticulosis.
Also, they can help you get rid of the discomforts that come with constipation, bloating, gas and fatigue.  


If you want your colon to remain healthy, then your diet cannot be complete without some fiber-rich foods. When you eat sufficient amount (about 25-35 grams a day) of fiber-rich foods, such as raspberries, prunes, bananas, beans, peas, celery, broccoli, and whole-wheat pasta, then you are on the right path to maintaining a healthy colon. High-fiber whole grains als include whole-wheat, brown rice and whole-wheat breakfast cereal.

When you eat enough fiber, it causes rapid movement of food waste through the digestive tract, keeping the intestines in a squeaky clean condition and decreasing diverticular disease risk. See Three Ways to Get More Whole Grain in Your Diet.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fasting & Detox

Every day you wash your hands, clean your clothes, and your room; it only makes sense that you should clean the inside of your physical body as well.  For anyone concerned about their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being, purifying and cleansing the inside of the physical body is a necessity.

The fasting and detox programs at Ananda’s, have shown and proven how cleansing of the body internally reduces depression and distress, along with a reduction in physical weakness. It also alleviates many of the symptoms associated with illnesses. These programs eliminate the feelings of being unclean and heavy. Your immune systems will be fortified and the aging process is slowed down.       
We have been helping people just like you, for over 7 years, to purify the insides of their physical bodies. With the assistance of our detoxing procedures, you will remove harmful acids and toxins from your body, unwanted accumulations of mucus are cleaned out, colon blockages removed, and improve circulation.  This causes an overall positive impact to not only your physical body, but your spiritual, mental and emotional health as well.

The procedures and treatments offered will aid you to purify your emotional nature; this, in turn, helps to calm your mind and relieve you of mental agitation. Our treatments will help you in eliminating negative ideas and thoughts. These results are achieved because, more often than not, the ideas and thoughts of a person are often conditioned by the amount of the person's elevated emotional nature. When a person's emotional nature is purified, the mind is purified as well. This purification is of extreme importance for a person’s well-being.