Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ananda Resort Center – The Perfect Detox Center in Thailand

Ananda Wellness Resort is sited in a serene environment in the quiet bay of Thailand in front of one of the best sunsets in Koh Phangan. Our environment is calm, relaxing and healing. Come have an awesome Experience with us at seaside holistic spa resort perfectly located in a quiet part of Koh-Phangan Island in the southern part of Thailand.

We provide a wide range of rejuvenating and life-enhancement programs to improve the Mind, Body and Spirit.
Our center provide the following program
Fasting Programs and Detox
Transformations and Healing
Health Yoga
General Well-Being and Beauty
Herbal Steam bath
Perfect Thai Massage
Swimming pool with Chlorine-Free Salt Water
Delicious Health Food Restaurant and Juice Bar.
Coming to Ananda resort is more like an investment in your health. This will improves your overall well- being. We are expecting to have you with us soon for the best value for money and exceptional detox service in city of Thailand.

Why is a purification program like Ananda’s Detox®  is compulsory for me?
As human it is natural for you to clean your physical environment, living homes, your wears and body, has it ever cross your mind how the inward part of your physical body look like? Purifying and cleaning the inside of our physical body should be naturally too, it is essential for anyone for an improved mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.
Ananda’s fasting and detoxifying program have shown and proved that cleaning the internal part of the body help to reduce depression, reduces states of distress and physical weakness, and also relieve the signs of several health issues. It eradicates the feelings of being unclean and weighty. It help to reduce the aging process and strengthens the immune systems.

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