Monday, 1 August 2016

Why is a purification program like Ananda’s Detox® is compulsory for me?

For the past 7 years we have helped several persons to clean the insides of their physical bodies. We engage the best detoxifying techniques in assisting our client in flushing out harmful toxins and acids, getting rid of surplus buildups of mucus, take out obstructions in the colon and improved circulation generally. This procedure affect every part of our being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
What we offer at Ananda’s Detox helps our client to clean their emotions and also relieves the tension in their mind. This procedure works by removing negative thoughts and fears. You need to understand that a person thought process are strongly influenced by his emotional state, so if your emotions is perfect is affect the way you think and generally affects your life. Cleansing of the emotional nature can produce also a purification of the mind. What we do at Ananda’s Transformation Programs was inspired by a proverb from ancient Greek, ‘A healthy body can only come from a healthy mind,’ also possible reversely. 

At Ananda transformation center we have two kind of lodging. Our Guests are free to make their choice to either use our standard fan rooms or bungalows. Our lodging facility provide our guest access to use free wifi, herbal steam bath and swimming pool with chlorine-free salt water. All lodge are furnished with facility for hot water and a private bathroom, terrace with hammock.
In the Standard rooms you have only fans while in the bungalows there is refrigerator and air conditioning facility. The bungalows are design with an elevation which give guest access to views the National Marine Park and Gulf of Thailand.

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