Monday, 5 September 2016

Yoga Retreat, Teacher Training & Detox Thailand

Benefits of Yoga in Thailand
Located in Koh Phangan, we are the oldest and most established detox and Yoga Center available in Thailand. There are a variety of Yoga Retreat Packages available with us when you are in Thailand.
Programs for Detox
There are multiple detox programs available with us so that you can flush out the harmful toxins from your body and prevent the building up of mucus, colon etc. so that all your tracts are clean and circulation happens at a better level. Due to this, there will be a significant and desirable impact on the emotional, mental and spiritual states of an individual.
Yoga Retreats
There are several advantages when you join Yoga at Koh Phangan. You can achieve Yama and Niyaam through Asana, meditation and Pranayama, which are all a part of the packages available with us.
Organic Restaurant
We also have an Ananda’s Love kitchen that has a wide range of vegan and vegetarian food prepared with utmost love, to cater to the needs of all types of participants.
There are several facilities in Ananda, such as a Thai Massage center, Herbal Sauna, a salt water swimming pool and a herbal sauna center among many others, where you can stay free from chemicals and unwind yourself while your body detoxifies itself as well. All the facilities we provide are maintained well and we make use of 100% organic and natural products.
When you enter this wellness resort, you will be delighted with the mystical beauty of Thailand and you will be able to experience a wonderful and one of a kind experience when you participate in the programs we offer.
When you stay with us and participate in the programs, it is an investment you will be making towards your health.
There are different types of Yoga holiday packages available to help your body, mind and soul improve.
You can also visit the Wellness Center to take part in the following activities without having to be a part of any program:
·         Yoga Hall
·         Massage Hut
·         Herbal Steam Sauna
·         Chlorine free salt water pool.

·         Accommodation for Detoxification
When you participate here, it will help you to detoxify your body, and is a fast selling program.
·         Yoga Retreats
We will also be starting Yoga retreat programs soon.

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