Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fasting & Detox

Every day you wash your hands, clean your clothes, and your room; it only makes sense that you should clean the inside of your physical body as well.  For anyone concerned about their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being, purifying and cleansing the inside of the physical body is a necessity.

The fasting and detox programs at Ananda’s, have shown and proven how cleansing of the body internally reduces depression and distress, along with a reduction in physical weakness. It also alleviates many of the symptoms associated with illnesses. These programs eliminate the feelings of being unclean and heavy. Your immune systems will be fortified and the aging process is slowed down.       
We have been helping people just like you, for over 7 years, to purify the insides of their physical bodies. With the assistance of our detoxing procedures, you will remove harmful acids and toxins from your body, unwanted accumulations of mucus are cleaned out, colon blockages removed, and improve circulation.  This causes an overall positive impact to not only your physical body, but your spiritual, mental and emotional health as well.

The procedures and treatments offered will aid you to purify your emotional nature; this, in turn, helps to calm your mind and relieve you of mental agitation. Our treatments will help you in eliminating negative ideas and thoughts. These results are achieved because, more often than not, the ideas and thoughts of a person are often conditioned by the amount of the person's elevated emotional nature. When a person's emotional nature is purified, the mind is purified as well. This purification is of extreme importance for a person’s well-being.

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