Thursday, 2 March 2017

Detox Benefits

1. Increase in your body’s absorption of nutrients and vitamins – A cleansed colon makes for effective absorption of water, nutrients and vitamins into your bloodstream. This creates a clear path for essential nutrients to filter into your body system. 

2. Jumpstarts weight loss – Foods that lack fiber move at a ‘snail-pace’ through the digestive tract as opposed to high-fiber food choices. This slow movement creates excess mucous that sticks to the walls of the intestine, thereby weighing the intestinal tract down. 

3. Reduces the risk of colon cancer – Your gastrointestinal system, liver, and kidneys are responsible for processing all the toxins that you eat, breathe and drink, as well as those absorbed by your skin. If these toxins are removed from your system as fast as possible, they can cause problems for your body system. Undergoing a colon detox will help release stagnant waste from your system, thereby reducing the risk of cysts, polyps and cancerous growths in your colon. 

4. Increase in fertility – Colon cleansing in addition to healthy food choices and high fiber intake will help keep your weight in check. Fat stems estrogen, and as a result getting pregnant will become more difficult if too much fat is present. Additionally, if a colon is weighed down from years of fat buildup, it can press on the uterus and other surrounding organs in women, which causes strain.
Colon cleansing gets rid of many toxins and chemicals from the body that are likely to affect the sperm and egg. A lot of naturopaths advise that couples should undergo cleansing if they are having difficulty with pregnancy.

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