Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our Yoga Explained

Ananda Yoga
Ananda’s have dedicated facility for Yoga measuring 15m x 10m (150m2 of clear space), it will interest you to know this is the biggest yoga facility in the whole of Thailand. In Ananda we hold advance-level courses of Agama. Agama is a school of esoteric in Indian it lesson are based on Tibetan tantric-lineage. This kind of Yoga started around 1998 by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati in Rishikesh.

It’s an exceptional global institute giving its students the hidden spiritual insight on the  true Integral of Yoga in this present days. Ananda yoga offers modernized and improved personal development system in line with Tibetan Tanta lineage, Indian which comprises of  comprehensive university-level teachings in Yoga, together with  other hallowed traditions in west and east(like as Gnostic Christianity, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Sufism). At the core of our teachings is the practice of an extraordinary method of Laya Yoga and Kundalini-based Hatha Yoga these are the two most potent elements of this age-long belief. This is an approach nearly lost today which relies on energy awareness during Yoga practice to produce a highly accurate self-understanding of body, mind, and spirit!

Ananda provide special Health Yoga classes designed to fit any person’s needs. Whatever is your condition is either detox, thyroid gland, fasting, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic signs or other kind of illness, these yoga classes will provide exact asana for definite conditions.  Our instructor will lead and guide you through the classes and ensure it suit your need and routine. Health Yoga is ideal for all categories of students both young and old, beginners to advanced students and even yoga teachers.

Ananda just open a special offers specifically to all students of yoga desiring to lodge in our resort. Any student who take the health yoga course or Agama yoga courses will be entitled to 30% discount for lodging more than 4 nights with Ananda resort accommodation. Please feel free to check our reservations for details.

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