Monday, 10 November 2014

Why you should Detox with Ananda Wellness Resort?

Our System

Using a all-inclusive method to life enhancement and health, we provide a wide collection of programs for mind, body and spirit.  Naturally the law prescriptions that you clean the bloodstream and nourished it properly to provide optimal health. Our programs supply your body with what it needs to be hale and hearty:  right nutrition and smooth elimination.
Our Detoxification and Cleaning Fast programs employ proven systems that merges Therapeutic Fasting, Colemas, the finest herbal enhancements ( like “Arise and Shine” USA), Detoxing and cleansing products like Bentonite and Psyllium husk,  and other traditional methods,  like the Thai Massage and Herbal Steam Room, to clear the body of unwanted waste and toxins
Since 2007 January, we started offering detox cleansing program, which has now advanced into truly outstanding programs. We have helped over 3,000 person from different part of the world and some prominent person in our society who have enjoyed our cleansing and detoxification program, these include Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc MD. Swami Vivekanda Saraswati, Sahajananda owner of Agama Yoga School

Our detox and cleansing program is planned to give our client results that will improve their health.  We use the best quality of cleansing herb products. We are one of the major suppliers of arise and Shine herbs and Colema Boards® of California in Thailand. This two products are incorporated into our detox and cleansing system. We have a customized private colema rooms for all our guest personal and daily sessions.  We have a team of professionals that will prepares all that is needed for the colema session and continue to support so you can focus on the cleansing process without any additional burden on you. Our program includes varieties of events for your schedule between the nutritional supplements and juices. Come and enjoy our customary herbal steam bath and salt water swimming pool. Our daily massage focuses on techniques to help in the colonic detox procedure while the yoga classes provide support during your purification. Engaging reverse osmosis filtration method with ozone treatment, we filter the water used in the process several times to remove impurity. Our excited and devoted staff will take wonderful care of our detox clients and treat you with tenderness and gives attention to all details and questions from client to ensure our client have the best of time so that they can relax and concentrate on your their cleansing, fasting and healing exercise. We are at your service, available for consultation and assistance as needed. 

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